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Looking For A Large Selection Of Self Defense Stun Guns That Are Not Only Extremely Powerful But Also Non-Lethal?
Learn All You Need To Know About Non-Lethal Stun Guns Before You Buy

Have you finally decided that you want to protect yourself but don’t want the fear and guilt of having to kill someone to do it? Are you looking for ways of protecting yourself with a non-lethal self-defense weapon? We provide many nonlethal products to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We have many general questions and answers about nonlethal self-defense and stun guns to help you narrow your search.

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Q. Is the Trigger stun gun nonlethal?

A. Yes, the Trigger Stun gun is non-lethal making it a great self-defense weapon that anyone can use. 


Q. Is there a safety on/off switch on the trigger stun gun or is it always active when the pin is in?

A. There is no safety on/off "switch". The safety pin itself acts as the switch. So when the safety pin is inserted into the trigger stun gun, then the safety is off- meaning the stun feature can be used to shock someone. When the safety pin is not inserted into the stun gun, then the safety is on and the stun feature will not work. 


Q. Does the trigger stun gun come with a case?

A. Yes, the trigger stun gun comes with a mesh holster 


Q. Is the trigger stun gun waterproof?

A. No, this stun gun is not waterproof.


Q. Where does the safety pin go on this stun gun?

A. For the trigger stun gun, the safety pin inserts at the bottom right-hand side of the unit, next to the charger prong slider. You will see a small hole there and that is where the safety pin goes. 


Q. Does the trigger stun gun fire a charge and if so, how far is the charge?

A. Yes, the trigger stun gun fires a charge, but you must be in close contact in order to shock the target. It does not fire a charged projectile like a taser does.


Q. How can I tell when the trigger stun gun is fully charged?

A. The trigger stun gun does not have an indicator letting you know when the charge is complete. So in order for you to confidently know when it is fully charged, be sure to follow the instructions on the charge time for the stun gun. 

If you have a dead battery, then you will have to charge the stun gun for 6-8 hours but no more than 8 hours. If your stun gun works and doesn’t have a dead battery, but you are concerned it may die soon, you do not have to wait for it to die before you recharge. Charge it for about 1-2 hours and it will last you at least a month before the battery dies. 


Q. Do I have to put batteries into it or can I recharge it?

A. You can recharge it. The trigger stun gun does not take external batteries because it has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can save your money on batteries for the long term. 


Q. How long does a typical charge last before it has to be recharged?

A. The battery life is great on the trigger stun gun being able to last 2-3 months on a single charge with regular use. Of course times vary depending on how often or not you use your trigger stun gun, but in general, it will last you about 2 months before you have to recharge it.


Q. Does the trigger stun gun come with a warranty?

A. Yes! The Trigger stun gun is manufactured in-house so we provide full support and 100% satisfaction of up to 90 days upon delivery. If you have any issues with your trigger stun gun within those 90 days then you can return it for a refund or we will refurbish the product if possible or send you a new one. However, if there are signs of misuse or alteration, then the warranty is void. 


Q. Once the trigger stun gun is shipped to me, do I need to charge it fully before use? Or does it work right out of the box?

A. The trigger stun gun will have a small charge right out of the box so you can use it for a little. However, It does need a full charge before use. So it recommended that once you receive your stun gun, immediately charge it for 6-8 hours for a fully charged battery. 

Do not attempt to use it right out of the box to defend yourself as the battery life out of the box may be unreliable and may possibly die in the middle of use.


Q. How many volts is the trigger stun gun?

A. The trigger stun packs 18,000,000 Volts of electricity. 


Q. I bought one of these last year and had it sent to my apartment with no problems. I recently moved and now it's saying it can't ship to my location. Why is that?

A. We do not know where you lived before or where you moved to now, but the most likely reasoning for this is that where ever you lived before, stun guns were legal there, so we were able to ship it to you with no problems. Where you live now, stun guns may be illegal in your city or state. Make sure you check the laws on stun guns in your state. 

Our website is designed so that if a person orders any of our products from a state or city where those specific products are illegal, our algorithms will detect it, and your order will be immediately canceled. No exceptions! This is the case with all websites, not just ours. It would be illegal to provide you a self-defense weapon that is banned in your city or state. 

Make sure to check the Product Laws and Restrictions page on our website to learn your state's legalities on stun guns if you do not know them, before ordering.  


Q. How many amps is the trigger stun gun?

A. The trigger stun gun has a max output of 4.5 milliamps depending on the charge level. With a full battery, the max output will be 4.5 amps. But as the battery life decreases, so will the amps. But even at half the battery life, the trigger stun gun is still strong enough to bring an attacker to their knees, so maintaining a full battery shouldn’t be a concern if you think your stun gun won’t still be effective without a full battery. 


Q. Why can't this stun gun be shipped to my location?

A. The only reason why the trigger stun gun and any other stun gun for that matter cannot be shipped to your location is because it is illegal in the city or state you are ordering from. 

Stun Guns are legal in most U.S. states but some states have strict laws and restrictions against stun gun ownership. In the states of Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, stun guns are illegal. Also stun guns are restricted in the cities of Chicago, IL, Denison/Crawford County, IA, The District of Columbia, and Philadelphia. 

We cannot and will not ship to anyone ordering from any of these territories. If you live in any of these cities or states, then that is the reason it cannot be shipped to your location. Any orders with shipping to the areas listed will be immediately canceled and your money will be immediately refunded. For more information on the legalities of stun guns, visit the Product Laws and Restrictions page on our website.


Q. Can this shock someone through their clothes or does it need to make direct contact with the skin?

A. Yes, the trigger stun gun can shock through clothing. Generally up to 2 inches thick.


Q. Do you have to touch the person to stun them?

A. Yes, the trigger stun gun does not shoot projectiles, so you must make physical contact with your target to stun them. 


Q. How long does the flashlight's battery on this thing last?

A. The trigger stun gun with regular use will last about 2-3 months, (regular use includes using both the flashlight and stun gun). Theoretically speaking, using just the flashlight feature alone without using the stun feature should allow your flashlight (and battery in general) to last the full 3 months, since the flashlight draws out less energy than the stun gun. 

The battery life of the flashlight will ultimately depend on how much you use both the flashlight and stun gun on a daily basis. Both the flashlight and stun gun share the same battery. There are not two separate batteries for each feature in the unit. So if you use your stun gun all day, it will drain the battery of the flashlight as well, and vice versa. However, the stun gun feature draws out more energy than the flashlight so just using the flashlight alone would extend the expected battery life. 

So long as charge the item once a month for 1-4 hours as recommended, then it doesn't matter how much you have used it.


Q. Can I charge the trigger stun gun in the car?

A. No. The Trigger stun gun has built-in charger prongs and does not charge via USB cable like most accessories. The charging prongs will only plug into the wall. However there are car outlet adapters that you can plug into your car and then plug the trigger stun gun into the adapter to charge, but we do not provide these adapters for sale.


Q. What is the safety pin for and what does it do?

A. The safety pin on the trigger stun gun is a feature designed for your personal safety specifically in the event that an attacker was to take the stun gun from you. The safety pin plugs into the bottom right of the stun gun and powers on the stun feature. It basically acts as a master switch to the stun device. But you can still use the flashlight without the safety pin. 

The stun gun will not work unless the safety pin is inserted. The is for your personal safety. It prevents you from accidentally shocking yourself and also prevents someone from using your stun gun against you.

The safety pin is attached to a wrist strap. It is intended for you to wear the wrist strap. In the event that someone attempts to attack you, it is possible that in a scuffle with the attacker, under normal circumstances (well as normal as being attacked can get) it's possible that the stun gun may slip out of your hand, or worse, the attacker may try to take the stun gun from you so you can’t use it against them. They may possibly even attempt to use it against you. With the safety pin wrist strap, either of those circumstances is NO LONGER POSSIBLE. 

The safety pin is attached to the wrist strap so you have no choice to use them together. This is not intended to be an inconvenience as you may initially think because it's designed and intended entirely for your safety. Consider being in that scuffle with an attacker. First of all, if the stun gun slipped out of your hand, you would still maintain control of it because it would be wrapped around your wrist. Once the safety pin is in the device, it will not easily pop out. So you would quickly and easily recover the stun gun dangling from your wrist, and get back to defending yourself, instead if wasting precious time picking it up off the floor, (or looking for it if it's dark out). If the attacker were to yank the stun gun from your hand, however, then with enough force from them pulling it, the safety pin would pop out. The attacker would have the stun gun, but now that the safety pin is out, the stun gun will not work, so the stun gun would become useless in their hands and the attacker would not be able to use it against you.


Q. Is the trigger stun gun durable? It won't break if I dropped it?

A. The trigger stun gun is quite durable and can resist multiple drops from up to 8 feet. 


Q. Does the trigger stun gun come with a charger?

A. Yes but not the charger you may be thinking of. The trigger stun gun doesn’t come with a traditional USB cable to charge. Instead, the trigger stun gun has built-in charging prongs. The charging prongs can be accessed by the slider on the bottom of the unit which will slide the charging prongs out so you can plug it in.  


Q. Did anyone test the stun gun on themselves? How does it feel? Will you get knocked out and lay on the floor for a long time? (How long?)

A. We have never tested the trigger stun guns on ourselves but have used them against people who have threatened to attack us before. So we can verify that this stun gun is quite painful by the fact that attackers would scream out in pain and run away, (if they didn’t pass out that is). But everyone is different so it's possible you may pass out for 5 seconds or 5 minutes. There has even been some case where people have been incapacitated for even longer. But there are most people who don’t pass out at all.

We have no idea why you would want to stun yourself. If you want to know what it feels like, trust us when we say "it hurts". If you insist on attempting to stun yourself, then make sure you lay on your bed, and once you wake up from your “nap”, be sure to let us know how that went.  


Q. Can this stun gun take someone down?

A. Yes, the trigger stun gun can take someone down and then some. Just by sending off a few warning shots, the majority of attackers will back away. Keep in mind that most predators look for an easy target so they can get in and get out with as little hassle as possible. But if an attacker continued to pursue you than the combination of the 4.5 milliamps and 18,000,000 volts is more than enough to drop an attacker. 

Just 1 second of shocking them will cause enough pain for them to retreat. 2 or more seconds will cause involuntary muscle spasms. The person may lock up and begin to drop. Within 5 seconds, their body will lose all muscle control and they may fall on the floor. Some people may even pass out.  


Q. Does the trigger stun gun stay charged even when you're not using it? Like can I charge it and just leave it in my vehicle without worrying about it?

A. Yes, the trigger stun gun has a standby time of up to 3 months. Meaning if you fully charge it and leave it in your vehicle for a month or 2 without using it, then it will still be charged and ready to go when you finally decide to use it. After 3 months, however, we recommend you charge it.


Q. Would this be a good first-time stun gun for a person as a present?

A. Absolutely. The trigger stun gun makes an excellent gift. Sure a fancy iPhone is nice, but giving someone the gift of self-defense is the most thoughtful and considerate thing anyone can do. Giving someone the ability to protect themselves and potentially save their life is something they may not appreciate now, but god forbid they ever need to use it, they will be thankful they have it. And you can take pride in knowing you saved them by giving them the means to protect themselves. Believe it or not, self-defense weapons are a very common gift item, especially for Christmas. 

The trigger stun gun is especially good for first-timers- people who have never used a self-defense weapon before. It's easy to use and holds a charge for a very long time. The large red button on the side is easy to press and the built-in flashlight makes an extremely convenient source of light for their daily carry. Not to mention the safety pin wrist strap that will prevent someone from using their stun gun against them. The sound of the electricity alone is enough to make any attacker think twice and back away. 


Q. Will this kill someone?

A. No, contrary to popular belief, stun guns will not kill a person. There are so many misconceptions with stun guns that it's really frustrating convincing people otherwise. But they are not the leading cause of deaths in case studies. There are many videos and data that falsely support claims that stun guns will kill someone. But in all cases, the evidence is always vague and unsupported, and the full data is never released to the public. The same is true with police reports where stun guns are used. The cause of death is never released, but just because a person died and a stun gun happened to be used in the process, it is automatically assumed that the stun gun killed them. In all such cases, there is always other factors at play, so don’t believe the hype. 

At the end of the day, understand this; anything and everything can be used as a lethal weapon. In the wrong hands, a spoon can be used to puncture someone's neck and kill them if the attacker really intended to. But no one considers a spoon as a deadly weapon. A spoon is an eating utensil and was designed for that purpose. The same is true of stun guns. Stun guns are self-defense weapons and are created for the purpose of protecting yourself. Not attacking someone. When owning a stun gun, you are expected to use it responsibly. Stun guns are actually considered “less lethal weapons” because, in fact, nothing is truly non-lethal.