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The official TASER brand tasers are commercial grade law enforcement weapons, built for consumer use. These civilian line tasers are easy to use and super reliable. TASER Self-Defense weapons are the perfect option for those who choose to take their self-defense seriously and demand top grade quality and performance. If they're good enough for the police, then they're good enough for you. 

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Customer questions & answers

Q. Where can I buy a taser?

A. The best place to find one is online. They aren't like Stun Guns that you can find at your local gas station. You might find one in a Gun store but it's doubtful. Finding one online is as easy as a simple google search. You can find the color, features, and voltage that's most comfortable for you, and you can have it shipped directly to your door. 

Q. What is the range on a taser? In other words, how far can it shoot?

A. The minimum range of all our Tasers is no less than 15 feet.

Q. Why are tasers more expensive than other self-defense weapons?

A. Tasers are higher quality, designed for professional use, and they are good at both long range and close range. Tasers like the X2 and X26P are the same brand tasers that police officers use. They are built more durable and features like dual lasers to make aiming easier and weatherproof coating providing reliability in harsh weather. 

Q. How often does a taser need to be charged assuming you don’t use it?

A. TASER Batteries are not rechargeable and should be replaced every 2 years

Q. How long does a charge last on the taser?

A. TASER batteries last on average 2 years.

Q. Do tasers have some kind of safety feature so I don’t accidentally shock myself?

A. Yes! All tasers will only function when the safety is flipped up (into the off position). 

Q. How long do I have to charge it for the first time?

A. Tasers are not chargeable devices. 

Q. How do taser cartridges work and how are they recharged? 

A. You insert a cartridge which is already pre charged, into the Taser. It is not something that you recharge. Once you use it, the charge is lost and you must get a new cartridge. 

Q. Do the tasers come with their own charger?

A. No. Tasers do not come with chargers because they can't be chagred. 

Q. Do you have to use cartridges with a taser or can you still stun someone without it?

A. You do not need to use cartridges with most tasers. The TASER brand tasers like the Taser Bolt can be used without a cartridge. Press the end against your attacker and pull the trigger to shock them, just like a Stun Gun. But if you want to use your taser to fire at someone from a long distance, then you will need the cartridge. 

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad does the taser shock hurt?

A. Easily a 10. Maybe a 9 if you're the toughest of the tough. The Taser attacks your central nervous system and causes involuntary muscle spasms. So even the beefiest drug intoxicated attackers will drop, whether they feel the pain of the shock or not. 


Q. How many volts are the tasers?

A. All of the Tasers are 50,000 Volts. 

Q. Is it true that amps are more important than volts?

A. Yes, it’s true. If you are talking about causing damage, then amps (or current) is what's important. 

Q. How many amps are the tasers?

A. All of the tasers are 1.2 mA.

Q. How many times can you shock someone per charge? Can I zap someone more than once before I have to recharge the taser?

A. You can only shock someone once per cartridge. The taser is not rechargeable nor does it hold a charge. 

The cartridge holds the charge and once fired, it loses its charge and you must reload a new cartridge to fire again. 

Q. Can I leave a taser in my car? Where I live, the temperature gets well over 100 degrees some days and it gets even hotter in my car.

A. Yes, you can leave your Taser in your car on a hot summer day. All Tasers are weather resistant to easily withstand rain and humidity. 

Q. Can I get free shipping if I buy a taser?

A. All order overs $100 qualify for free shipping so yes! Since all of our tasers are priced over $100, just buying a taser gun alone qualifies you for free shipping. 


Q. Why do you spell taser in all caps like TASER?

A. That's how the brand name is spelled. When you see TASER in all caps, we are specifically referring to or addressing the brand name. When it's in lower case, we are talking about the tasers as a product. 

Q: Can you use the taser as a direct contact taser after the initial probes have been deployed?

A. yes it can be used for direct contact after shooting the probes by removing the cartridge first. Then press it against the attacker and press the Trigger.

Q: How long can the cartridge hold a charge for if stored without use for a long time?

A. Manufacturers say 2 years but we tested an "Expired" cartridge supposedly 10 years old that my aunt kept in her closet and the probes still penetrated a dry wall we shot and sent sparks flying out. hope that helps. 

Q: I'm interested in getting a taser but I want to know what permissions do I need in order to buy this? and also, is it a distance weapon or short range? 

A. Check your state legality to see if they are legal where you live and tasers are both short and long range. With a cartridge, it shoots 15 feet away and can also be used for close range by removing the cartridge and pressing it against the person and pulling the trigger. 

Q: I tried purchasing one and it says it doesn't ship to my address. Why?

A. Because you likely live in a city or state where tasers are illegal. Check your state laws on tasers. By law, we cannot ship to any city or states where tasers are banned. 


Q. If I buy a taser, will it come with a cartridge included? 

A. Yes, each taser you get comes with 2 live cartridges. 


Q. What is a taser cartridge?  

A. The cartridge is the projectile part of the taser that you shoot. Without the cartridge, your taser would basically be a glorified stun gun that you would have to press against someone to shock them instead of shooting them from a distance. 

Q. Do these taser come with a holster? 

A. The only Taser that comes with a holster upon purchase is the Taser X26P bundle. All other tasers do not include a holster with purchase but you can get it separately. 


Q. Are there any taser holsters for left handed people?

A. Yes. most of our holsters are both left and right handed. 

Q. So honestly, is it true that tasers are better than stun guns? 

A. If you're referring to "power or effectiveness", then no. Because what makes Stun Guns and tasers effective is the amperage and voltage. A taser and stun gun can both have the same amperage and voltage making them equally as "powerful".

But tasers have an advantage of design and functionality in that they are designed for mid to long distance self-defense because they utilize cartridges. When they don't have a cartridge inserted, they can be used as a stun gun at close range, so they are essentially a 2 in 1. So you can basically say they have an advantage in terms of capabilities. 


Q. Is there a way I can use the taser to practice with? 

A. Yes, we recommend you get some training cartridges since they are cheaper to replace than wasting live cartridges just to practice. You can also practice your aim with some practice targets


Q. How do you use a taser?

A. There are two different ways you can use a taser. 

  1.  When a cartridge is inserted the taser can be used for mid to long range self-defense by shooting the probes from the cartridge. 
  2.  The taser can also be used as a contact stun gun without the cartridge.