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Looking For A Unique And Fashionable Self Defense Stun Gun That Compliments Your Style Without Sacrificing Power?

 Get The Best Fashion Stun Gun That Is Not Only Powerful But Also Speaks To Your Unique Individual Style.

 Learn All You Need To Know Before You Decide To Make A Purchase So You Are As Informed And Confident With Your Choice As You Can Be.

Our manufacturers have been in business for over 30 years, making them experts in the industry. We will be able to answer all of your questions and remove any doubts you may have by providing you with all the information you need to make the most informed purchase that is right for you.

General Customer Questions and Answers About The Stun Master lipstick Stun Guns Are Below.

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Everything you need to know about the lipstick stun guns; how to use them, where the best place to find them, and the laws and restrictions of having them, are presented to better inform you and narrow down the search for your specific desires and needs when it comes to your self-defense and personal safety.


Q. Where can I find lipstick stun guns for sale?

A. Because of the unique style and design of the lipstick stun gun, the best place to purchase one is online. Many retail stores do not sell self-defense weapons like the lipstick stun gun and because of the nature of many self-defense weapons, many retailers just aren’t comfortable having them on their store shelves. You may randomly find a stun gun in a gas station or brick & mortar store, but even those places often carry the generic kinds. Nothing as unique as the lipstick stun gun.

Your best bet is to find one online where you can spare yourself the search and have it shipped directly to you.


Q. How long does the battery last on the lipstick stun gun? 

A. The standard battery life on the lipstick stun gun is about 2-3 months with regular use. If you use the flashlight or stun gun very often, then the standard battery life will be reduced. The best way to keep the battery charged is to charge it once a month for 1-2 hours. A little longer if you are using it on a daily basis. 


Q. If you fully charge the lipstick stun gun and don't use it at all, how long will it stay at full power?

A. The lipstick stun gun’s battery will hold a charge up to 3 months without use.


Q. Do you need to attach a safety pin first before you can use the lipstick stun gun?

A. Unlike some of our other stun guns that come with a safety pin like the trigger stun gun for example, the lipstick stun gun does not have a safety pin nor does it need one. It activates as soon as you press the red button. 


Q. How far away from you attacker can you be? Or do you have to touch your attacker with the lipstick stun gun to deliver the shock?

A. The lipstick stun gun does not utilize any projectiles and is a close range self-defense weapon. So in order to stun someone, you must make physical contact with the target while holding down the red discharge button. 


Q. Does the lid pop off or unscrew on the lipstick stun gun? I'm worried about it popping off in my purse, being pressed down by my other stuff and shocking me.

A. No, the lid will not pop off or unscrew in your pocket. It has a tight seal once the top is on and will only come off if you pull it off with your hands. Even if the top were to come off in your pocket, you would have to simultaneously press the button to discharge the device. Even with it squeezed in your pocket, it is extremely unlikely to press the button and remove the cap while it's in your purse or pocket without you noticing. But with the seal being so secure, this wouldn’t happen in the fist place.


Q. How powerful will the lipstick stun gun electrocute somebody?

A. With the combined force of its 3,000,000 volts and max capacity of 4.2 milliamps, the shock that the lipstick stun gun delivers is powerful enough to bring your target to their knees. Especially with multiple shocks to the person or by pressing it against the target for a few seconds longer.


Q. How many volts does the lipstick stun gun have?

A. The lipstick stun gun packs a devastating 3,000,000 volts of electricity capable of dropping any attacker. 


Q. Will 3 million volts stop a grown man?

A. The volts are not what determines the stopping power. It is the amps. Even 1 amp is enough to stop a full grown man, and the lipstick stun gun has 4.2 milliamps. The volts act as the driving force. 

If you look at the relationship between volts and amps, it can be compared to water and a faucet. Both are significantly important. But the voltage is more like the pressure of the water, while the amps (in other words, the current) is the amount of water that flows out of the pipe at a specified speed. 


Q. Does anyone know if the lipstick stun gun is TSA approved or would it be taken away by security?

A. You can’t go through security with the lipstick stun gun but you can carry it in your checked luggage. TSA will likely confiscate your stun gun if you try to carry it with you onto the plane. 


Q. Can I shock myself just by holding the red button on the lipstick stun gun? 

A. No, you will not shock yourself by accident with the lipstick stun gun unless you deliberately press it against yourself while pressing the red button. With regular use, you will not shock yourself. The distance between the button and the electric probes are a significant distance apart and is not short enough to accidentally shock yourself. 


Q. What is the warranty for the lipstick stun gun?

A. The lipstick stun gun is developed and supported by our manufacturers. Like all of our manufactured products, the lipstick stun gun is guaranteed to be inspected and defect free for 90 days provided that no misuse or alteration of the product has occurred after successful shipment. We will replace or repair the lipstick stun gun at our discretion granted that there is no evidence of customer alteration. 


Q. Where would one find out the legality of the stun guns in the various states?

A. You can learn your specific city and state’s legalities regarding stun guns by visiting your local municipality and asking, or by doing a quick google search. But to save you time, here is a general list of legalities below.

Stun Gun Laws and Restrictions










If you are looking for specific penal codes and restrictions regarding stun guns, you can visit the “product laws and restrictions” page on our website for a more informative and complete list of the specific legalities for stun guns.


Q. Will the flashlight and stun gun work simultaneously on the lipstick stun gun?

A. The flashlight and stun gun will both work at the same time when both the buttons are pressed. But pressing just 1 button will not activate both features. You must press them both at the same time if you want them to work simultaneously.


Q. What color of the lipstick stun gun will I get?

A. It depends on what color you choose. Pick the color(s) you most desire and add them to your cart. Upon checkout, you will receive the color(s) you chose and added to your cart.


Q. Does the lipstick stun gun have an on/off switch so I don't accidentally zap myself? 

A. The lipstick stun gun does not have an on/off switch. It simply has 2 buttons. The red button for the stun feature and the green button for the flashlight feature. It is not possible for you to shock yourself because the button must be pressed in order for the stun gun to discharge. Also, when the stun gun is not in use, the included cap should be on. With the cap on as intended, you will definitely not shock yourself. 


Q. How many buttons are on the lipstick stun gun and what buttons do I push to make it work?

A. The lipstick stun gun has 2 color coordinated buttons- one green and one red. Pressing the green button turns on the flashlight feature and pressing the red button activates the stun gun.


Q. Does the lipstick stun gun have a small slot where I can attach it to a keyring?

A. No, there is no slot or hole for you to attach a keyring. The lipstick stun gun is not compatible with key rings but If you are interested in a self-defense weapon that you can carry on a keyring, then the “keychain pepper spray” line of products might be what you are looking for. 


Q. Does the lipstick stun gun let you know when it needs to be charged again?

A. There is no indicator for when to charge the battery on the lipstick stun gun. However, you will be able to tell when it's time to charge it when the stun gun doesn't discharge a loud or powerful shock like it should. That is a clear sign that the stun gun is becoming weaker. This is not because your stun gun is defective, it is because the battery is low. In order for the stun gun to function at full capacity, it needs to be charged.

If you are concerned about your battery running low, or you realizing it is low, when you need it most, then it is advised you charge your stun gun at least once a month if you use it regularly regular use.


Q. What is the legal voltage a stun gun has to be for an 18-year-old to buy it?

A. There is no such thing as a legal voltage but you do need to be 18 to purchase a stun gun.


Q. Do you have to actually touch attackers skin with the lipstick stun gun or does it work through their clothes?

A. All stun guns will work through clothing up to 2 inches thick.


Q. Are there any reviews on the stun master lipstick stun gun?

A. Here is a video review for you to get a better look at how the stun master lipstick stun gun works.