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ATTENTION: Read This First Before You Invest In A Stun Gun!

If you've ever looked around for a stun gun online, you've probably noticed that there's an attention to voltage when referring to power. These astronomically high voltage amounts sound impressive, but the truth is, when it comes to stun guns, exaggerations of voltage measuring power are wildly misleading. 

Whats really important is amperage!

An average of 2 milliamps is enough to send even the biggest attackers retreating in pain. All of our stun gun models are between 2-4 milliamps. That's not to say voltage isn’t important as well. Voltage is what carries the current that delivers the shock. but the amps is the “shock” that deals the damage. In other words, there no sense in having a water faucet that can shoot water out at a pressure similar to a fire hydrant when there are only water drops in that faucet.

Let us help you stay informed and make smart educated decisions that best fit your personal self-defense needs. You can remain confident that any stun gun you choose will effectively protect you. Now it's all about narrowing down the color, features, and design that best suit your preference.

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Customer questions & answers

Q. What is the best stun gun brand to buy?

A. All brands are good, but the stun master brand is the most popular and most recommended by users.


Q. What are the differences between stun guns and tasers?

A. stun guns are for close range while tasers are more mid to long range. This is because stun guns have to directly touch the person to deliver a shock. Tasers shoot a charged projectile that will stick to the attacker and shock them from a distance.


Q. Are stun guns legal?

A. In most States stun guns are legal but there are a few cities and states where they are illegal. These States include Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois. The cities they are illegal in are Chicago IL, Denison/ Crawford County, JA (according to Sheriff Tom Hogan), The District of Columbia, and Philadelphia.


Q. Can this pass through TSA?

A. Checked bags only 


Q. Can stun guns kill a person?

A. No, stun guns will not kill a person if it's used as intended. But this much is true, anything and everything can be considered and used as a lethal weapon. A spoon can be used to kill someone if it's used in the wrong hands for the wrong intentions. But no one associates spoons as a lethal weapon. They are eating utensils used for eating, not jabbing someone in the neck. The same is true of stun guns. 


Q. Why are these Stun Guns so affordable?

A. Because our stun guns are manufactured in house. They aren't foreign made, so we save in overseas manufacturing and shipping by having everything made here in the U.S.A. We also save money on fancy packaging, so we can pass even more savings on to you.


Q. Are these Stun Guns cheap?

A. Cheap in price, not in quality. 


Q. Are stun guns and tasers safe to use?

A. Yes they are. Stun guns and tasers are safe to use so long as you use them responsibly and as instructed by the manufacturer.


Q. What stun gun voltage is the most effective?

A. Voltage isn't what determines a stun guns effectiveness, it's the amperage.  The average output of stun guns is 2-5 milliamps with the more effective stun guns being more in the upper range of milliamps. From 2 milliamps and up is the effective range you want to look for.


Q. How do I get a discount or qualify for free shipping on my orders? 

A. Any orders of $100 or more automatically qualify you for FREE SHIPPING!


Q. How much do tasers and stun guns cost?

A. Tasers are more expensive than Stun Guns. Stun guns range between, $10 to $90 while tasers cost between $200 and $400. 


Q. Why are tasers more expensive than Stun Guns?

A. Because Tasers are commercial grade and for professional use like by cops and security guards. But that's not to say the average person can't get a taser, because they can. Stun Guns are far less expensive because they are generally made specifically for the average consumer.


Q. Who is allowed to own a stun gun or taser?

A. Anyone over the age of 18 years old and lives in a state where they are legal can own one.

If you're not sure if they are legal in your state, then check here to learn about the laws and regulations of your state before you get one.


Q. Are there different kinds of Stun guns I should know about?

A. There are a few different kinds of Stun Guns. Some of them include:

  •                    Compact or Mini stun guns: These are smaller models which are usually easier to carry in your pocket or purse.
  •                    Stun gun flashlights: Stun guns that not only look and function like an actual flashlight but also function as a stun gun. They can be used as your casual everyday flashlight when you're not defending yourself, but the extremely bright flashlight can also be used to temporarily blind an attacker giving you an opening to stun them.  
  •                    Baton stun guns: These are stun guns that are built as long telescopic baton sticks which allows you to beat down an attacker and also shock them at the same time.
  •                    Heavy Duty Police stun guns/Tasers: These are commonly used by professionals or for business use like security guards or policemen. These are also generally more stronger than the average Stun Gun and usually cross over into the Taser line of products.


Q. Are there any Stun Guns for Women?

A. Yes, there are stun guns specifically made for women like the Lipstick Stun Guns. An attacker would not suspect a lipstick as a weapon, making it ideal for a woman to carry.

Although most Stun Guns are unisex, there are many feminine colors that would appeal to woman like pink or purple. 


Q. Are stun guns heavy and hard to carry around?

A. Stun guns and tasers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes but are easy to hold and are not heavy at all.


Q. What are the best non-lethal personal defense weapons?

A. The best non-lethal personal defense weapons are arguably between stun guns, tasers, and pepper sprays. Any one of the three is versatile enough to meet any self-defense needs.


Q. Should I consider taking personal defense classes before buying a non-lethal weapon?

A. It's not necessary to take any classes before getting a non-lethal weapon. Just practicing at home goes a long way. Self-defense classes are good, but they are costly (sometimes $25-$100/ hour) and you will need to invest a lot of time until you reach a level where you can effectively defend yourself against someone. It takes an average of 5 years for an adult to become a black belt, so consider the amount of time and money your investing.

On the other hand, you can buy a non-lethal self-defense weapon that you can learn how to use more quickly and at a fraction of the time and cost. It will give you the same level of protection (maybe more) with less effort. 


Q. How can I make sure that my stun gun or taser won’t be used against me?

A. Many of our stun guns come with a safety feature like the Trigger Stun Guns for example. They include a safety pin wrist strap that will only work when it's inserted into the Stun Gun. If the safety pin is not inserted into the Stun Gun or an attacker manages to rip the Stun Gun from your hands, then the safety pin would inevitably come out with it, and the stun gun would power off, becoming useless in the attacker's hands. 


Q. Stun guns vs. tasers?

A. Not sure what you're asking here but the big difference between the two is that Stun Guns are designed for close range and Tasers are designed for mid to long range.


Q. How do you use a stun gun to defend yourself exactly?

A. You have to get close and press the stun gun against someone to shock them. They are designed for close range self-defense.


Q. Do any of these stun guns include a holster with purchase?

A. Yes, all of the Li'l Guy Stun Guns come with a nylon holster.


Q. What is the difference between the Stun master brand, the lil guy brand and all the other brands of stun guns?

A. Most of the stun guns are sub brands of the stun master brand. The Lil guy is a sub brand of stun master stun guns among many others. The difference between just about all of the sub brands are their voltage, design, and intended functionality.

For example, the lil guy gets its name from the fact that it's small and compact and intended to be easily concealable without sacrificing power.

Other sub brands like the trigger brand get its name from the noticeably large trigger it has. This is mainly intended for users to more easily access and pull the trigger during an attack.

The runt has overwhelming voltage, one of our highest voltages at 20 million volts.

The slider stun guns are the smallest stun guns we offer and look like slightly bigger flash drives with a sliding thumb-switch that releases 4.9 milliamps of electricity.

The zap stun guns have unique designs like those that are brass knuckle shaped with a stun feature or the hiking stick and walking cane which are designed to be covert in appearance and are stun devices in disguise.

Some of the others are more general like the flashlight stun guns, lipstick stun guns, stun batons, and cell phone stun gun which are pretty self-explanatory. They are made to look and in some cases function like flashlights, lipsticks, batons, and cell phones in design but are stun devices in disguise.


Q. What is the range of these stun guns? (How close does the target need to be to hit someone)?

It doesn't shoot out charged projectiles like a taser. You must be in close range to make direct contact with the target by pressing it against the person's body.

If you're looking for more mid to long range self-defense weapons, then tasers are what you're looking for.


Q. Does the case keep it from accidentally turning on and stunning me or is it just to store and carry in?

The cases and holsters are designed to just carry it in. The stun guns themselves have built in safety features to prevent accidental discharge so even if you don't have a holster, you don’t have to worry about accidentally stunning yourself while it's in your pocket.


Q. How long does it need to be charged out of the box?

A. The stun gun should work right out of the box, but it is a good idea to have fully charge it. This will take 6-8 hours. DO NOT overcharge the battery; this will shorten the battery's life span.


Q. How often does it need to be charged (assuming you don’t use it for long periods of time)?

A. Assuming you don't use either the stun feature or flashlight feature, then about once every 3 months.


Q. There's no indicator on any of these stun guns to let me know when the battery is about to die so how do I know when to charge it and how long to charge it for?

A. With normal use, you’ll only need to charge the stun gun about once every 1-3 months for about 3-4 hours, especially if you have a model with a flashlight that you use often.


Q. Does these stun guns have some type of safety feature so it does not accidentally discharge and shock me?

A. All of the stun guns have their own unique safety feature. For example, the Trigger stun guns come with a safety pin wrist strap that must be inserted into the stun gun for the stun feature to work. If the safety wrist strap isn’t inserted, then the stun gun won’t work. Most of the other stun guns have a sturdy on/off button that power the stun gun and won't accidentally switch from off to on while in your pocket. When it's in the off position, the stun gun won’t discharge even when you press the stun button.


Q. Is a charging cable included with purchase?

A. Yes, all of the stun guns will come with a charger. Most of them include a wall charger or cable. Some of the others have built in charging prongs that you plug into the wall to charge.


Q. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much would it hurt if you're shocked above your elbow?

A. It hurts a damn lot no matter where you're shocked. On the scale, it would easily fall between a 9 or 10.


Q.Why is it saying it doesn’t ship to my address?

A. The only reason it would say that is because you live in a territory where stun guns are illegal. Please check your state legalities and local laws to make sure stun guns are legal to own where you live.


Q.How many volts?

A. They range between 950k to 20 million depending on the stun gun model.


Q. What are the amps? I heard that is more important than the voltage

A. You are correct. Amps are more important than voltage. All of our stun guns are between 2 to 4 milliamps.


Q. Isn’t milliamps weaker than amps? Why so weak?

A. Once it reaches 1 amp or more, it becomes dangerously lethal. it only takes 1 amp to kill someone. 2 to 4 milliamps is enough to put someone to the ground no matter how big they are.

Those shocks you commonly get when you touch a door knob after sliding around on the carpet are less than 1 milliamp (about .025 or less) and that's enough to cause you to jerk away in pain. So don't underestimate the power of electricity!


Q. On a scale of 1 to 10 how Useful/Effective can this be against attackers?

A. A 10! Stun guns have extremely high success rates even against people under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The average person wouldn't stand a chance.


Q. How many zaps per charge. Can you zap someone more than once before having to recharge it?

A. You will have hundreds of one-second bursts per charge. This is not normally needed though because a couple seconds zap will take most people down.


Q. Can I leave this in my vehicle's glove compartment? Mind you, I live in Southern California where it gets to 120 out & the inside of my car gets hot!

A. We do not recommend leaving this in a hot car for long periods of time. This should not harm the stun gun itself but may harm the rechargeable battery inside. Batteries do not work well when stored in high heat and this can cause the battery to lose the ability to recharge.


Q. Are any of these stun guns weatherproof?

A. The stun guns are not weatherproof and would not fair well if exposed to rain or extreme heat. This will damage the stun gun and void the warranty on the item.

If you're looking for a weather resistant stun gun then the Taser Bolt might be what you're looking for. It functions like a stun gun and is weather resistant but not weather proof. Rain will not affect it and it is rated up to 127 Degrees Fahrenheit resistance and down to -4 degrees resistance. But we still recommend you do not deliberately leave it in your vehicle where it can get hot or submerge it in water. It can still get damaged this way.


Q. What happens if I drop it in water? does it fry the battery and no longer works?

A. Yes, when the stun gun is put in water, it will fry the stun gun causing it to no longer work.


Q. What happens if I drop a stun gun in my bath tub while it's on? Would it be like dropping a toaster in my bath tub and shock me to death?

A. This will not harm you if dropped into the water as this is not a device that can cause bodily harm because there are not enough amps that would amplify an electrical shock equivalent to dropping a toaster in the tub. But there's no reason to keep a stun gun with you in your bath tub.


Q. In all fairness, it's possible to be attacked by someone breaking into your home while you are showering or taking a bath. With that said, would a stun gun be a safe option to keep in my bathroom surrounded by water in case of something like that ever happening?

A. That is a fair point but we would not recommend you reach for a stun gun fresh out the shower because the water can damage the stun gun and fry it. In this specific instance, we recommend using a blunt object for self-defense. The bathroom is too small to use a pepper spray without the bathroom getting congested by the spray and affecting you too. A blunt object like a baton would be the most practical weapon in this scenario.


Q. Where's the best place on a person to use the stun gun?

A. This diagram should help you identify weak spots and vulnerable target areas.

Basically anywhere on the body would be effective because stun guns and tasers cause involuntary muscular spasms anywhere on the body.


Q. How bright is the flashlight on some of these stun guns?

A. 100 lumens and up. That's bright enough to temporarily blind someone if you were to flash it in their eyes.


Q. How do you know when it is fully charged?

A. Since there's no indicator to let you know when the battery is fully charged, you should charge it for about 3-4 hours before leaving the house. Then periodically charge it once every 1-3 months for about 1-2 hours or more depending on usage.


Q. How old do I have to be to own one?

A. 18 years or older in general. Be sure to check your state's legality on stun gun ownership to be sure. Some states and cities have their own unique owner specifications.


Q. Is there a holster available to use when out walking? Or do you have to keep this in your hand?

A. There are plenty of holsters that are compatible with different models but you don’t have to carry them in your hand all the time. holster or not. All the stun guns are compact enough to carry in your pocket.

We recommend you definitely keep it in arms reach though so you can immediately access it if you're attacked. So it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep it in your hand and ready to use.


Q. Is it safe to use it? Will it cause permanent or temporary injury if I use it inappropriately or accidentally shock myself?

A. They’re completely safe to use and will not cause permanent damage. They will, however, cause extreme temporary pain. There are safety features that prevent you from accidentally shocking yourself but even if you did, both you and your target would not suffer critical injuries from getting shocked.


Q. Why do I get this message, ”Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address…” what should I do?

A. You are receiving this message because you live in a city or state where stun guns are illegal. Unfortunately, you might not be able legally purchase and own one. Your best bet would be to check your state laws on stun guns and other self-defense weapons. If legal, pepper sprays are a great self-defense alternative to stun guns.


Q. Stun guns and just about all self-defense weapons are banned in my state. Why? And what should I get to defend myself if everything is illegal?

A. The best option we recommend for people who live in states where just about all self-defense weapons are banned is to get surveillance cameras. This is because these states have an over dependency and expectation of people to depend on law enforcement to protect them rather than people protect themselves. So surveillance footage will better help police investigations in gathering evidence and leads to more quickly capture and prosecute criminals.

We feel every individual has the god given right to defend themselves, especially non-lethally. It's why we do what we do and provide the public with self-defense weapons. Although we would never tell a person to do anything illegal... we do believe you as an individual should do what you need to do to defend yourself, your family, & your property. The best advice we can give is to try doing it non-lethally to minimize the legal ramifications. We are sorry we can't give a better answer, but the legal system is not always reasonable or understanding.