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Pepper Spray

Getting a pepper spray is an affordable investment to your personal safety and a commitment to your self-defense. There are many different pepper sprays that come in different colors, features, and sizes to fit your personal preference and needs. 

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Customer questions & answers


Q. do I need pepper spray? seems like a silly question but there’s a part of me that feels guilty for not having something to defend myself. 

A. Yes, you do need pepper spray or some kind of self-defense weapon. It's better than having nothing at all. 


Q. Which pepper spray is the best? 

A. Any pepper spray that uses a formulation of OC is a great choice because OC is the strongest formulation of pepper spray available. There's no specific brand that's "best". 


Q. Do any of these pepper sprays contain OC?

A. All pepper sprays on the site have OC or a combination of OC in its formulation. 


Q. What size pepper spray should I get?

A. It depends on your preference. We recommend a medium size 2 oz. unit which works well in a purse or on a belt and has a generous amount for multiple uses. But the small units are very popular because they work well as a keychain or clipped onto a pocket. The large 4 oz - 1 lb or more can also be carried in a bag or on your belt but are bulky. 


Q. What's the best pepper spray for beginners? 

A. We recommend you get a practice pepper spray if you're a beginner to familiarize yourself with using one without worrying about accidentally spraying yourself. Then you can upgrade to any pepper spray you want. 


Q. What's the difference between pepper spray and mace?

A. There is no difference. Mace is a brand name and not a “kind of pepper spray” contrary to popular belief. mace ARE pepper sprays and can come in the same formulation, style, and capacity as any other pepper spray. Although they are the preferred brand by law enforcement. 


Q. Is mace stronger than pepper spray? 

A. It depends on the formulation, not on if it's a mace or not. mace is just a brand. A mace pepper spray that's 10% OC can be weaker than a regular pepper spray that's 15% OC. Also, a formulation of OC is stronger and more reliable than formulations like CS or CN. So a 30% CS mace would still be weaker than a 10% OC pepper spray. Again whether it's a mace brand or not doesn’t matter. The formulation does!


Q. do these pepper sprays ever accidentally discharge?

A. Nope, we have never had any accidentally discharge unless a unit is damaged or defective. A working pepper spray will not discharge while in your pocket or bag, and many come with a safety cap anyway just to give people reassurance. 


Q. Has anyone actually used one to protect themselves? I want to see a video of how it actually works.

A. Here is a video of a store owner using a pepper spray to protect himself. There is no audio unfortunately and the quality is low, but you can clearly see how the events unfold and how the store owner uses the pepper spray to spray the man threatening him. After which, the man leaves the store after getting sprayed. 


Q. does this come with a holster upon purchase?

A. Some of the pepper shot brand pepper sprays include a holster with purchase. 


Q. which is better, stream or mist?

A. a mist spray is probably the overall best choice for outside use. A fogger is better for indoor use and should be kept at your bedside or by the front door. 


Q. When I try to buy one, it says "sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address”. why is that?

A. Because you probably live in a state or city where pepper sprays are banned. Check your state laws on pepper sprays and find out if they are legal or not. 


Q. which is better to use, stream or fogger?

A. You will have to determine that for yourself as they both have pros and cons. 

Stream sprays are a more popular choice. They shoot a fine single line spray strong enough to reach distances of up to 20 feet. They also perform well against the wind and minimize blowback. However, they demand accuracy. If you're not good with your aim, then a stream may be difficult for you to use since getting a direct hit in the face may prove difficult for some. 

Fogger sprays are good for crowd control and create a mist between you and a group of attackers. They're equally effective at creating a nice barrier against a single attacker. Anyone caught in the wide range of the foggers mist will be disoriented. However, foggers are more vulnerable to blow backs. So you should take caution in using them in windy weather or you risk getting caught in your own spray. 

Based on your skill attributes, only you can determine which is better for you. But even if you're not good at one or the other, practicing will improve your ability to utilize either one effectively. 


Q. Why would this be better than Mace?

A. They are not really better than each other. They are actually about the same. Mace is just a brand name. Mace originally made its reputation making CS tear gas. But what made these better than mace was that mace used a now obsolete formulation which was CS. OC formulated pepper sprays are more effective and reliable. But recently mace began to use OC in their pepper sprays as well. so now they're both evenly matched and equally good.


Q. Will having a holster stop it from accidentally discharging?

A. Your pepper spray won’t accidentally discharge whether you have a holster or not. The holster is just so you can hook it onto your belt loop or bag. 


Q. What is the real expiration date on this product?

A. All Sprays have a 3-year shelf life. However, I have sprays from the late 90's that still work. However, you should always replace your unit upon expiration. 


Q. What state can it be shipped to? I tried out of NY and it was declined.

A. It can be shipped to almost all states minus a few. Unfortunately NY is one of those few where it is illegal to buy a pepper spray so your purchase was declined. Here's the list of states where they are banned. 


Q. Every time I try to order, it won't let me ship it? 

A. It depends on what state you are trying to ship to. It's most likely illegal where you are trying to ship it to so make sure you check your state's regulation on pepper spray.


Q. would this work on a bear? or would it just make it angrier?

A. I have seen claims online from people who say you can’t use human spray on bears or other animals but that's not true. An OC formulated pepper spray is effective against humans and animals. What most of these people fail to understand is that OC is not an irritant. It is an inflammatory agent. Meaning it attacks the tissue on the inside of the body. Something all living beings have in common. Yes, our tissues are different than animals, but all animals and humans have sensitive tissue all the same. Which is what OC attacks. All of our sprays are formulated with OC so they are all effective against bears and any other animal. 


Q. can any of these pepper sprays be carried on my keychain?

A. Yes, any of the keychain pepper sprays models.


Q. Can I take this on an airplane?

A. Checked bags only. 


Q. is this effective against dogs?

A. Yes because it has OC in it. OC attacks the inflammatory system of dogs. 


Q. If any OC pepper spray is effective against all animals, then why do you have bear specific and dog specific pepper sprays?

A. It's to better narrow down what people are looking for. Some people who go hiking would specifically want only bear spray while a mail man may only be concerned about dog spray. If you have a regular OC pepper spray then you can use that for any circumstance but if you're looking for just 1 specific spray for 1 specific animal/scenario then we have that too. 


Q. So there's no difference between the human spray, dog spray, and bear sprays? 

A. The difference between the human sprays and animal sprays (dog and bears specifically) is that the animal sprays are formulated to meet FDA, EPA, and ASPCA guidelines. The animal sprays demand an emphasis on environmentally safe formulations and also are not inhumane for use against animals. Our bear and dog sprays are formulated to meet these standards without sacrificing efficiency. These demands are not required in human sprays (although all our human pepper sprays also meet EPA regulations). 


Q. Is this refillable? Or do I need to buy another one?

A. It is not refillable. You'll need to buy a new one. 


Q. how old do you have to be to own a pepper spray?

A. 18 years old is the standard but it might be different depending on your specific local laws so double check. 


Q. Will the pepper spray work against someone wearing shades or glasses?

A. Unless the spray gets under their glasses then probably not. But the beauty of OC pepper sprays is that you don't need to make contact only with the eyes. OC is an inflammatory agent. Which means if you spray them on their nose or mouth, then it will cause their lung tissue to become inflamed and cause them to choke and cough, and drop to their knees gasping for air. This achieves an even better effect than just blinding them giving you ample amount of time to escape. 


Q. What is the shelf life for these sprays?

A. 3 years but they have been known to last longer. Still, you should play it safe and replace them every 3 years. 


Q. any good recommendations for a holster?

A. I recommend your basic leather holsters for that classic and straight to the point look. But If you're looking for a more unique and "fashionable" holster to complement your bag or style, then the fashion sprays come with some cool holster designs. Some are even decorated with rhinestone jewels.


Q. can you recommend a keychain holder for these pepper sprays?

A. The keychain pepper sprays (as the name says) comes with keychains already attached. Most of the other pepper sprays aren't compatible with a keychain unless you modify them which we don't recommend you do because you may void the warranty.


Q. What is the expiration date?

A. 3 years


Q. Do any of these particular sprays have the dye in it?

A. The mace police strength pepper spray contains UV dye. 


Q. how long does it take for the burning sensation to kick in?

A. instantly upon impact


Q. is it ok to leave these pepper sprays in a hot car or is there a temperature warning?

A. The pepper sprays list not to store them above 120º F. So be careful storing them in your car where the weather is really hot. Don't forget that your car gets hotter inside than the temperature is outside. 


Q. Is this product made in the US?

A. Yes. all of our pepper sprays are manufactured in Florida.


Q. Will it still work in freezing temperatures? I live up north where it's below freezing temperatures most of the year and I plan on keeping it in the car.

A. There is no issue with cold weather harming the spray. 


Q. Are these weatherproof?

A. Yes, they are weather proof. Will do fine in rain and cold weather. It's good in the heat up to 120º F so don't store it anywhere it would get too hot like your car. 


Q. What happens if I drop a spray in the water?

A. nothing. They would not be harmed if submerged.


Q. will the pepper spray accidentally go off in my bag or pocket while I’m jogging/running?

A. The pepper sprays have a safety lock to prevent accidental sprays. Some models like the lipstick have a cap to cover the actuator. The mace models have a flip top lid to prevent accidental firing. I would suggest purchasing a spray to meet your needs. If you plan on jogging or other activity you would be safer with the spray in hand or at close reach. You can choose the Mace Jogger model that can strap to your hand for quick use in an emergency. You could also choose a model that could clip to your keychain or purse for quick access. This way the item is always ready and less likely to be activated.


Q. What happens when they expire? 

A. It loses effectiveness and may not be as potent or not discharge correctly as intended. 


Q. Whats in the pepper spray that makes it burn?

A. The pepper sprays contain OC pepper (Oleoresin Capsicum) which is an inflammatory agent made from Capsaicin peppers that cause inflammation of the tissue. They are the hottest formulation available. 


Q. Are any of these pepper sprays childproof?

A. Many of the sprays have safety caps so yes they are "childproof". Regardless, don't use that as an excuse to let your guard down. These should not ever find their way into a child's hands, safety or not. 


Q. Is this product safe to store in my car for long periods of time?

A. It's safe so long as it doesn't get extremely hot in your vehicle since the max temp the sprays can withstand are up to 120º F.


Q. are the human pepper sprays effective against dogs, bears, and other wild animals?

A. Yes, they are just as effective on animals as humans. 


Q. are these pepper sprays weatherproof against extreme heat or cold?

A. The pepper sprays are weatherproof up to 120º F. There is no issue with cold weather.


Q. can pepper sprays be carried on an airplane or pass tsa?

A. Most sprays can be put in your stow away bag under the plane but not carried with you onto the plane. We would recommend you check with each airline you are flying with to check their rules. Some may have more restrictions or certain rules depending on your destination.


Q. are these pepper sprays flammable?

A. No, they are not flammable. The formulations in our sprays are OC which is not flammable. 


Q. if I shot this in my car, how hard would it be to air my vehicle out?

A. Shouldn't be hard at all. You’ll need to start by opening the doors and windows. Let it air out for 20-30 minutes. If there are any funny smells left, use air freshener to clear the smell. 


Q. if this gets on my clothes or furniture, would it permanently stain them or does it easyil clean up?

A. Pepper sprays with Dyes will stain furniture and clothes. Not permanently though. It usually lasts a week but with some elbow grease or a cycle in the washer, it should come out. 

Follow these specific steps to remove stains from fabric. 

  1. Be sure to wear rubber gloves 
  2. apply facial cold cream to the affected area 
  3. rub the cream into the fabric and let it sit for 20 minutes. Since it’s not an oil based cleanser, the cold cream will help remove the oily pepper spray residue. 
  4. Next, wash the cold cream off under cool water and place the piece of clothing in a bucket full of cold water and laundry detergent. 
  5. Let it soak for 30 minutes and then launder.


Q. What is the range of the spray?

A. All sprays range from 6 feet to 20 feet. 


Q. can I spray my food with this and use it as a substitute for hot peppers?

A. The spray is not edible.  


Q. is this considered a weapon? I’m in high school and I plan to bring this to my school for safety and for the hour long walk home?

A. Yes, pepper sprays are considered non-lethal or less lethal weapons. As for taking it to school, you will have to talk to your guidance counselor about that since pepper sprays and other self-defense weapons for that matter, have been known to be banned from most schools because of the obvious dangers they present. However, most colleges allow them on campus for self-defense purposes.


Q. can you take it on a plane?

A. This product can be placed in your checked baggage.


Q. Is there a safety feature to prevent kids from accidentally using it?

A. Yes, most of the sprays have a safety cap. 


Q. how long does it take to wear off after being sprayed?

A. Depending on the concentration and the availability of fresh air, it can take about 20 to 30 minutes to wear off. 


Q. How many sprays can I get out of one canister?

A. Depending on the size of the canister, at least 10 one second burst shots. 


Q. what is the difference between dog spray and human spray?

A. Dog sprays are formulated to meet FDA, EPA, and ASPCA guidelines. Human sprays do not need to meet these guidelines (although our human sprays also meet EPA guidelines.)


Q. what is the difference between bear spray and human spray?

A. bear sprays must also meet FDA, EPA, and ASPCA guidelines and are formulated differently for that reason. There's no demand for human sprays to meet these guidelines but our human sprays meet EPA guidelines anyway.


Don’t forget to make the most of your purchase.

If you've already purchased pepper spray, learn how to use them and practice with them before you use them.