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2 oz Inert Fogger

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Anyone who wants to practice using a pepper spray without the worry of accidentally spraying themselves with a real pepper spray need look no further. The 2 oz Inert Fogger is filled with water and compressed with nitrogen. It's designed exactly like a real pepper spray, the only difference is it's filled with water & not pepper. Practice until your confident you can use it in a live situation so your ready if & when that time comes. 




Defense sprays are probably the best solution to defending yourself, but with any tool, the more you know about it the more effective it will be to you. A few minutes spent practicing will save you in the long run. That's why the inert practice pepper spray is perfect for first-time users of pepper sprays. The 2 oz capsule is an adequate size for multiple uses so you can get a feel for what it's like to use a real pepper spray. The sprays are pressurized nitrogen and are designed specifically for the purpose of practice and simulating an event where you would use it against a person. They are ideal in place of your pepper spray so that instead of wasting a real pepper spray or risk a blowback from a real pepper spray, the inert spray will give you and understanding of how real pepper sprays function and get you comfortable and familiarized with using a real pepper spray. However, do not attempt to spray your inert spray on anyone or yourself. Despite the fact that the water is harmless, the nitrogen can cause some skin irritation or burning if sprayed in the eyes. It is suggested you practice by spraying it outside (since this is the most likely place you will be using it) and in a place where there is little to no people around, like your backyard. You can practice spraying it against a tree or set up some targets for a more challenging test of your accuracy. Practice and become proficient until you are comfortable with handling the real deal.

What is Inert Pepper Spray?

An inert Pepper spray is a spray that's chemically inactive- meaning it does not contain the active pepper formulation in a pepper spray. Most inert sprays contain a combination of nitrogen and water. The nitrogen acting as the pressurization for realizing the water ultimately functions exactly the same as a real pepper spray would, without the pepper of course. So then what's the purpose of a pepper spray without the pepper? Practice! If you're prepared to get yourself a pepper spray, it is highly recommended that you also get yourself a practice spray. You should familiarize and prepare yourself with using a pepper spray correctly before you find yourself in a dangerous situation. This is especially true for first-time users. To maximize the effectiveness of your pepper spray, practice building confidence, and accuracy with an inert practice spray. 

Ready For a Real Pepper Spray?

So you’ve practiced with your inert spray and are comfortable with the idea of how to use a real pepper spray. Now you're ready for the real deal, but you may not know what kind of pepper spray to get. Choosing a defense spray can be tricky since the demand for defense sprays has become so great today, that there are literally dozens of different brands, types, sizes, etc. On top of that, there are three different compositions that are used in pepper sprays in general. Don’t worry, we will help you break down what's most important and narrow down your search by singling out the best types of spray so you don't overwhelm yourself with research. We'll tell you exactly what you need to know and give you a generalization of what to look for so you can choose the best defense spray for you. 

So of the three spray compositions, there's really only one worth considering for your personal safety. That is Oleoresin Capsicum or OC for short. OC is a formula made of a derivative of various hot peppers which unlike other chemically formulated sprays, is made of natural compounds from organic hot peppers. OC is superior in that it is an inflammatory agent designed to attack a person's inflammatory system. Other chemical formula sprays are irritants and are less effective. Meaning non-OC based sprays are designed to cause an irritation typically associated with pain. This is not always effective or reliable. If an attacker is under the influence of drugs, the sensation of pain in many instances can be nullified or even non-responsive. Some people even have a naturally higher tolerance to pain than most, so they may not even be under the influence of drugs, they just may have been born with a higher resistance to pain. It's understandable that everyone is different, so some people have a higher tolerance to pain than others.  However OC doesn't rely on pain to disable a person, OC attacks the human tissue. No matter how resilient you are on the outside, everyone is built the same on the inside and everyone has sensitive tissue. 

Once OC became the industry standard for its superiority, the increase in suppliers and brands multiplied quickly and flocked to the distribution of OC. With their increased numbers came to the race to become unique. With everyone selling the same product, suppliers had to make themselves stand out and seem unique. As a result, exaggerations of formulations, sizes, nozzle types, and even spray patterns flooded the markets, but outside of minimal differences, they all do the same thing. Even if a buyer of pepper sprays were to choose an OC spray over the inferior formulas, the confusion flocking the market distracts from several other critical considerations. In other words, what really matters most when forced into the scenario where you actually have to use your pepper spray in a hostile situation. 

One of the important factors to consider is the size and capacity of your spray. When you think of a soldier out on the battlefield, then you can probably assume that running out of “ammo” in the middle of battle can mean your immediate doom. Sizes generally range from half ounces all the way up to 2-pound units. Small units work well as a keychain or clipped to your pocket. Medium sizes work well in your purse, bag, pocket, or clipped to your belt. These are usually around the 2 oz. size and are the sweet spot worth considering for general use. Then you have the larger sizes that range from 4 oz. - 1lb and up. These are generally used by law enforcement, however, they are perfectly acceptable for people who are serious about their safety.The average amount of burst sprays per canister is between 8-12.

The nozzle and spray pattern can be considered more important than the capacity because the spray pattern and dispersal density of the unit are what determines the effectiveness of a successful attack against the target. There are 2 types of spray patterns. Stream patterns are which provide good range and rely on a direct hit to the face. Mist also called foggers are better utilized for short-range self-defense and do not demand great accuracy. Depending on your skill level, you may find that the mist requires less skill. If you are more than a casual user of pepper spray and have confidence in your aim, then you may lean toward stream patterns. Regardless of your choice, using an inert practice spray will help to train you and familiarize you with using your paper spray in a real life situation. 

The pepper spray's formulation, as we discussed before, is an important consideration. But we already established that OC is the more superior formula. However, if you are interested in the other 2 formulas: CN (alpha-chloroacetophenone) and CS (Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile) than they are still available on the market. OC, however, is still the most effective of them all and are normally available in concentrations of 1% up to even 10%. There are even some more powerful than 10%, but most municipalities limit the use of up to 10%, so it's best you check the legality of pepper spray in your state and general local area. However, it's best to keep in mind that the concentration percentage is not always a definite indicator of effectiveness. Some 1% solutions can be just as if not more powerful than other concentrations. Different brands may dilute their concentrations or add other solutions into their formulations in an attempt to make their own unique claim to their formulation in association with their brand (however we do not engage in such practices). We commonly provide 10% solutions for the general public as they are the strongest concentration acceptable by law enforcement, and are more than powerful to get the job done. However, we also provide 18% concentrations for law enforcement and adept consumers who take their self-defense to the next level. 

As we touched on before, the last consideration when getting a real pepper spray is to be conscious of your state and local legalities. As legal as it would seem to have the right to protect ourselves with non-lethal and non-injurious weapons of self-defense, no matter where we are, the law is different in many places so it's important to be aware of your specific location's jurisdictions on self-defense pepper sprays. Most limitations include age restrictions, size limitations, and strength limitations. The responsibility of knowing your city and state legalities falls on you as a consumer. We recommend you check with your local law officials before attempting to purchase, carry, or own a defense spray of any kind. We cannot ship to states where pepper sprays are banned. If an order is placed from an area that prohibits pepper sprays or if the nature of the pepper spray conflicts with what is legally allowed in your location of purchase than your order will be canceled. For more information on your city and state legalities on self-defense products, check the product laws & restrictions on our website. 

Although each person should get what they feel most comfortable with, we recommend a 10% concentration mist spray as probably the best and most user-friendly spray because of its reliable concentration and effectiveness without much reliance on accuracy. We also recommend a spray that you can easily access that is small and light enough to carry on your commute like a keychain pepper spray. It's best to keep a larger capacity spray at home, preferably a mist or fogger by your bedside or front door for home protection. 

How to Use a Pepper Spray 

Many pepper sprays function similarly no matter the model or brand. Whether you already own a pepper spray or plan to own one, it's important you learn how to use it properly. 

The most common pepper sprays have a button at the top you press to discharge it, and the only difference you may commonly see is the addition of a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge of your unit. Some are flip-top safety mechanisms while others may have a small switch you flip. If you're familiar with any firearm, this safety mechanism is the literal equivalent of putting your firearm into "safety". Pepper sprays with a safety mechanism are highly recommended, especially for first timers and people still getting themselves familiarized with their pepper sprays. 

Using a pepper spray is extremely easy. If your pepper spray has a safety switch or top, you will need to take it off the safety before you use it. Then point it in the direction you intend to use it, and squeeze the trigger to discharge. Simple! Keep in mind, using it is simple, but the responsibility of when & how to properly utilize it falls on you! Here are some tips to keep in mind when using your pepper spray.

Be cautious of the wind direction. Even though pepper sprays have a powerful and sometimes fine stream of spray, the likelihood of blowback is increased especially when shooting against the wind. Don't concern yourself too much, though, since pepper sprays are designed with this in mind, and many of them have wind guards. Still, it's worth at least being aware of the wind direction when preparing to use your spray, and if possible, try shooting with the wind instead of against it. Doing so not only lowers the possibility of any blowback but also increases the range and spread of your shot.

Shoot the pepper spray in burst shots. It's more effective if you use burst shots opposed to holding down the trigger for one long spray. Similar to firearms, a semi-automatic provides greater stability and are less likely to jam than fully-automatics. In terms of pepper sprays, it's almost the same.

Spray in a horizontal motion instead of directly at the target. Unless you are extremely close to the target and can guarantee a direct hit, you want to spray your pepper spray in burst shots while moving your arms from left to right or vice-versa in a horizontal motion to maximize the area of effectiveness and accuracy. Most people are inclined to simply aim at the targets face and hold down the Trigger. While this is effective, it's not as effective as horizontal burst shots. For one, your target most likely won't be standing still, making an accurate hit difficult. With spraying horizontally back and forth, even if you miss, the spray will linger in the air around the target & will cause congestion even if you don't make a direct hit. Even though pepper sprays share some similarities with guns, remember that pepper spray is not like bullets. The spray spreads out causing a very light mist around the target. In that sense, it's more of a spread shot like a shotgun. Kind of like when you throw a hand full of water, it spreads out, versus an ice cube that goes in the one direction it is thrown. If you miss, you miss. So with pepper spray, even if you don't get a direct hit, the target may still be affected by the mist in the air around them and can cause some congestion. Enough to likely slow them down or cause mild coughing giving you an opening so you can make a more direct hit on your next spray attempt. This is, of course, reflective of stream type pepper sprays. Mist type sprays function as spread shot by design. 

Afraid to Spray Myself With a Pepper Spray? 

When people say they are afraid to spray themselves with a pepper spray, they are likely referring to blowback. Blowback is when some of the pepper sprays blow back at you when you spray it. This only happens in areas outdoors specifically when you are spraying against the wind instead of with it. Unless you have a defective or malfunctioning unit, then such issues can be a common problem and you should get the unit replaced immediately. It's like when the wind blowing against you and you spit in the air, your spit will likely fly back into your face. It's always best to spray with the wind instead of against it. However many pepper sprays have a wind guard around it to prevent this, and usually, you will not experience blowback unless it is very windy outside since many streams and mist sprays have a very powerful ballistic release. In normal and even the slightly windy weather, or when you're indoors, blowback is not a concern. However, you can actually take advantage of heavy winds. By shooting with the wind instead of against it, you increase your range and impact on the target potentially causing a critical hit. 

We understand that when you are caught in the middle of a hostile situation, it's difficult to concentrate and remember everything you taught, so it's important to maintain awareness of your surroundings before you find yourself in such a situation. Especially in the dark or when you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Prepare yourself by having your pepper spray in hand during these moments just in case anything happens. 

Another legitimate concern that may offset a person is the fear that the pepper spray might burst if left in a hot car by mistake or burst in their pocket if they sit on it and apply a lot of pressure. Pepper spray capsules are designed to maintain the pressure inside of the unit as well as outside. Bursting isn't much of a risk. What may happen due to improper storage is that the propellant gas leaks out of the canister and may still feel "full" when you shake it, but nothing happens when you push the button. That's why pepper sprays with safety caps are rising in popularity and are actually becoming a standard on many units. 



water and nitrogen formulation simulates what it's like to use a real pepper spray without the worry of accidentally spraying yourself 

2-ounce cartridge provides 

designed exactly like a pepper spray to help familiarize you with using the real deal

fogger nozzle type to help you understand how a mist spray works 


Recommended For 

The inert practice spray is perfect for people who really want to focus in on becoming more proficient with using pepper sprays. People who may be uncomfortable with using a real pepper spray can practice in comfort and become familiarized by training themselves first until they feel confident enough to use the real deal. Try practicing on your aim and accuracy as well as your reaction time. Getting your pepper spray in hand and setting up your shot as fast as possible will help you maintain your nerves when you're confronted by the real deal. 


What’s in the Box

2 Ounce Inert Fogger

Instructions included 



fogger nozzle for widespread accuracy

2-ounce capacity

water and nitrogen formulation

lightweight and easy to use

Weight: 0.25lbs


Manufacturer Information

Part Number

UPC No.: 747670200230




This product is developed and supported by our manufacturers. This product is guaranteed to be defect free in material and workmanship for 90 days provided that no misuse or alteration of the product has occurred after successful shipment. We will replace or repair the product(s) at our discretion granted that there is no evidence of customer misuse or alteration. 

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