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20 Million

Stun Gun

Stand your ground with the MultiGuard, easily concealable and virtually undetectable in hand.


Police Model

Tear Gas with UV Dye

Mace® Police Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye combines OC Pepper with CN Tear Gas along with a UV Marking Dye

Dash Cam

1080P HD Camera

The super high definition 1080P Dash Camera with built in DVR and 2.31 inch LCD screen is super easy to operate one touch recording with crisp clear recording quality.

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People Aren't Protecting Themselves 

CamsByCampbell (CBC) is an innovative self-defense and surveillance brand founded by Terrell Campbell. With its vast array of unique consumer stun guns, surveillance cameras, pepper sprays and more, CBC is introducing an entirely new generation to the public of personal protection and self-defense. The brand’s goal to bring the public awareness, energy, and emotion of the importance of giving the people the power to protect themselves and not wait on someone else to do it. For the safety of you and your loved ones, give yourself the fighting chance that you deserve. 



Below are a list of frequently asked questions you may have regarding specific self-defense weapons, their legalities, and how they work. It may be worth your time to learn a little about any products that may peak your interest and give you a more informed perspective of what you're looking for. 


Q. Are self-defense weapons legal?

A. Many self-defense weapons are legal with exceptions for stun devices and pepper sprays. Stun guns, stun batons, and stun devices of the like, as well as tasers and pepper sprays, have limitations in certain states and cities. 

For example, stun guns and tasers are illegal in places like New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Hawaii to name a few. For more information on specific laws and restrictions, visit the Product Laws & Restrictions page of our website.


Q. Where to buy self-defense weapons?

A. Self Defense weapons can be found in many places including brick and mortar stores, gas stations, and even dedicated self-defense retail stores. But the truth is, many self-defense weapons are generally seen as “dangerous” and many physical retailers are uncomfortable selling them. This makes them an uncommon product to find. 

So the best place you can get them is online retailers. You can find the exact kind of self-defense weapon you are looking for online. And the best part is, you can do the searching all from the comfort of your home and have them shipped right to your doorstep. 


Q. What self-defense weapons are convicted felons allowed to carry?

A. Felons are generally banned from owning a self-defense weapon, especially firearms. The law may also prevent someone who is living with a felon to own a firearm. Also, most felons are banned from possessing a stun gun and irritant spray in most states, especially those who already ban ownership to non-felons. 

But as much as people are against it, felons need self-defense weapons, too. They may need them more than the average person would because of felons infamousy, they are more likely to be targeted in their community. 


Q. Which self-defense weapon is best?

A. Arguably the best self-defense weapons are stun guns, tasers, and pepper sprays. But to be honest, there really is no “best self-defense weapon”. Sure there are some that have more of a universal application, and some that have more features than others, but the effectiveness of your self-defense weapon depends more on how well you use it, and not just how well it works. 

What is the sense of carrying a taser if you don’t know how to use it, or if you have no accuracy? Tasers shoot a projectile, and if your aim is so bad that you can’t hit a tree from 3 feet in front of you, then you either need to practice more or consider another self-defense weapon. Despite the fact that Tasers are arguably one of the top 3 best self-defense weapons. 

If you are new to self-defense, you should consider using a stun gun. They are light, easy to carry and conceal, have many different design and color options, and most importantly, they are very powerful and easy to use. 


Q. Which is a safer pepper spray to use, spray or fogger? 

A. Both types of pepper sprays are safe to use, but admittedly, each has their disadvantages. 

The disadvantages of the spray which is actually called the “steam”, is the fact that in an attack situation, if you’re in a panic while the attacker is approaching you, or he is too close to you, it becomes difficult to aim. The attacker can grab you or hit it out of your hand while you're trying to aim if you hesitate. But the spray is “safer” in that you are not likely to spray yourself when using the stream. 

A fogger has the advantage in that it can still be used and is still effective in a panic situation. Specifically, because the fogger doesn’t demand accuracy. But the fogger is not without its disadvantages. If you use the fogger indoors (like at home), you are likely to effect everyone in the house, not only the target. This is because the fogger will linger around the house especially because there is no fresh air blowing through the house, so the fog is trapped. It's also less reliable in the wind, especially if the wind is blowing against you. 

So even though the stream requires more practice, it is safer to use overall. It’s only true disadvantage is that there is a responsibility on the owner to train more and become adept at using it. 


Q. What is the real expiration date on pepper sprays? 

A. All pepper sprays have a lifespan of 3 years. 


Q. What states can’t pepper sprays be shipped to? 

A. The states that pepper sprays cannot be shipped to are New York and Massachusetts. Other states like Michigan and Wisconsin have limited restrictions. Make sure you check on the laws and restrictions of pepper sprays in your state before you decide to get one.


Q. Would Pepper spray work on a bear? 

A. Pepper sprays designed for humans are not as effective as sprays designed specifically for bears. Regular pepper spray doesn't have a high enough concentration to disorient a bear. Bears are much larger and durable so they need a higher concentration for the spray to be as effective as normal pepper sprays are to humans. It's recommended that you get bear repellent if you're concerned about defending yourself specifically from bears. 


Q. Can I take a stun gun on an airplane?

A. You can carry a stun gun in your checked luggage, but cannot bring it with you onto the plane. 


Q. Is the stun gun waterproof?

A. Stun guns are not waterproof. But with its rubber exterior, it can resist very light sprinkles of water. Just don’t go skinny dipping with it. 


Q. What is the amperage of stun guns? Is it more or less than 5 milliamps?

A. It depends on the stun gun. The specific milliamps will depend on the stun gun, but all stun guns are below one amp. Most stun guns range from 2-5 milliamps. 


Q. What matters more, volts or amps?

A. What matters most is amps! Amps are the measurement of current. Though the voltage determines how strong the charge is, the rate at which the amps flows out is what actually deals the damage. 


Q. Will the stun guns knock someone out?

A. The stun guns are capable of incapacitating someone, by shocking them for an extended amount of time, maybe 5 or more seconds. Although everyone is different. Some people may take more than 5 seconds and other may faint in under a second. 


Q. How long does a typical charge last with a stun gun?

A. Many stun guns have a standby time of 3 months or 1-2 months with regular use. It honestly depends on how often you use it, but you can be confident knowing that even with more than average use, it will last more than a month. 

If you use your stun gun often, you only need to charge it for about 1-2 hours, once a month if you're concerned about battery life. 


Q. After initial probes have been deployed from a taser, is the back-up a direct contact taser or projectile?

A. Yes. When you do not have a cartridge in, you can use the tasers as a stun gun by touching the front to the attacker. 


Q. How many volts are the tasers?

A. All Taser models are 50,000 volts.


Q. Can you buy extra cartridges for the tasers? How many times can you use this?

A. Yes, you can buy extra cartridges for the tasers. Some of the replacement cartridges come in two packs. But you can only use the cartridge once. they contain only 1 shot. Make sure the cartridges you get are compatible with your specific taser model.


Q. If you shoot out a cartridge from the taser will it be done forever? I want to try one for a practice shot.

A. Each Taser cartridge is a one time shot and needs to be replaced when used. If you are interested in practicing, then it's advised you get the 2 pack replacement cartridges. When you purchase a 2 pack you are getting two shots with the Taser. Just make sure the cartidges you get are compatible with your taser model. 


Q. What is the distance that the taser guns will travel?

A. There are a few different models of tasers, each with their own range, but all will travel at a range of at LEAST 15 feet away. 


Q. What should you do to lower stress and keep a clear head in a survival situation?

A. Staying calm in a survival situation can be very difficult. You get lost during a hiking trip, you find yourself face to face with an angry bear or other wild animals, or you realize you're running low on supplies. All these things can bring on immediate anxiety or stress. But it's important to try your best to stay calm and evaluate the situation. Here are some things you can do to stay calm and not panic in a survival situation. 

  • Preparation is the number 1 thing you can do to avoid a survival crisis. If you're going hiking alone or with friends, it's important to pack the right tools for the trip. What you take with you will determine whether you're prepared for any situation or not, and can determine if you have something that will keep you alive and going. A water filter, for example, is a staple when you venture into the wilderness. 
  • Stay Positive no matter the situation. It's easier said than done, but it’s one of those things that demand your survival. Panicking leads to poor decisions that will only make things worse. Try taking deep breaths and visualize your family, friends, or something of great value to you. These are the things that are going to keep you grounded and give you the desire to keep going.
  • Awareness can help prevent a crisis from happening, to begin with. But even if you find yourself lost, pay attention to everything around you. You will be surprised by how much mother nature can speak to you if you listen. Recognizing a specific broken tree trunk can help you realize if your walking in circles. Paying attention to where the sun is will help you realize what direction you're traveling even without a compass. Remember the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Being aware of these things may not immediately save you, but will put you on the right track and give you hope. 


Q. What kind of survival kit should I make and what survival gear should I put into my kit?

A. Your survival kit will depend on where you are going and what you are doing. There are different kinds of survival kits. For example, if you're going hiking, then carrying a wire saw to help you easily cut chunks of wood for building fires is a must. But if you're making an everyday survival kit for your commute to work, then keeping a pepper spray part of your trip is an absolute must for self-defense. 

However, there is some must haves no matter where you are going or what you are doing. Like having a water bottle with a water filter is great for always having fresh water no matter if it's from a river or a water fountain. 

A portable charger is just an overall daily carry, no matter if it's for survival or not. Everyone can benefit from a recharged battery, whether it's to recharge your phone mid-day of work or to keep the GPS and flashlight from draining your battery during your hike.  

it never hurts to keep something for your self-defense.  A pepper spray to keep crazed attackers away or a bear spray to keep an irritated bear at bay will only help. Something is better than nothing.


Q. If you need water and all that is available is salt water should you drink it?

A. Absolutely NOT! Drinking seawater can be deadly. Our kidneys are designed to make our urine less salty. To get rid of all the salt your drinking in the water, you will have to urinate more water than you’re drinking, causing you to dehydrate even though you keep getting thirstier. Eventually causing you to die of dehydration. A water filter is exactly what you need to filter the water and make it safe for drinking.


Q. Are there any weapons for protecting myself against wild animals like bears or wild dogs?

A. There sure is. There are pepper sprays designed specifically for a composition made for bears and dogs that will deter them but not fatally harm them. Bear repellents are designed to deter aggressive bears and canine repellants do the same for dogs. 


Q. I don’t know how to start a fire. Is there a tool I can use to make it easier?

A. Yes! A flint striker is a tool that can be used to start a fire in an emergency situation. It also has a plethora of other helpful survival features like a spare compartment to keep dry tinder for you to easily start a fire. 


Q. What can I do to chop wood if I don’t have an axe? I don’t want to carry a large axe with me everywhere while I’m hiking or if I get lost.

A. A wire saw is a perfect tool for lightweight carry and reliability. You can use it to cut down small logs and scrubs for firewood.


Q. I'm always afraid of my house getting robbed while I’m at work. Is there anything that will prevent someone from breaking into my house and stealing my stuff?

A. Getting a surveillance system is a good place to start. It won’t physically stop someone from breaking into your house, but it’s important to catch the person on camera to help police identify and catch the robber. 

Once they are in the house though, there's little more a surveillance camera will do besides catching them with their fingers in the cookie jar. But to prevent them from stealing any of your valuables, diversion safes are extremely effective in hiding the things you don’t want to be stolen. Keeping your money stash in a diversion soda can instead of a shoe box sounds silly, but consider that no one will think to find money in a soda can. They will be looking for obvious places like in your shoe box or under the mattress. 

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